Chapter 6

Further Applications of the 2D Calculator 

In the previous chapter, the web based version of the downloadable Excel 2D calculator was used to model the historic descent of Captain Kittinger from a high altitude balloon. 

In this chapter, the web-based version is used to model and explore some of the characteristic behaviours of balloons and projectiles in Earth's atmosphere

The topics of this chapter can be accessed by clicking their names.

Topic Name An Image from the Topic Brief Description
Application of the Atmospheric Model  to Ballooning Part A  

Lord Rayleigh's Approximation

Frontal Area

Drag Coefficient

Weather Balloons 
Application of the Atmospheric Model to Ballooning Part B
Pressurized Gas Balloons

Float Altitude

Venting Lift Gas

The Kittinger Ascent 
Application of the Atmospheric Model to Projectiles Part A
 Escape Velocity

Gerald Bull

HARP Martlet 2
Altitude Record

Babylon Gun
Application of the Atmospheric Model to Projectiles Part B  
Grenade - Paint Ball Launcher 

Web Based Calculator

Polish Ballistics Skills
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